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If you are in the process of relocation, we can provide you with a referral to a Buyer's Agent at your new location, who will truly represent You in your purchase of a home, usually helping you to save significant dollars. This home buying referral service is at zero cost to you.  (We do receive a small fee from the other broker.)

Relocating? We Can Help You, Anywhere in the Country!

We can usually assist you in your relocation, through a referral to an Exclusive Buyer's Agent in any part of the country to which you are relocating. This service is provided to you without any cost to you.

The following is only a partial list of States/Cities, from which we assist you, who are relocating, by providing a referral (on a no-obligation basis) to real estate brokers in your new location, who specialize in being Buyers Agents.  Please review the other pages of this web site to understand how important it is to you to be represented by an Exclusive Buyer's Agent.

These Buyer Brokers can and do legally represent your best interests, in your relocation process, helping you find a home and helping you negotiate its purchase, usually saving you significant dollars. An Exclusive Buyer's Agent is still a "rare breed" of real estate broker, who is hard to find. With your permission, we will provide a referral to a Buyer's Agent, at your new location. There is no charge to you, nor is there any obligation to accept the agent to whom we refer you.

If the area to which you're relocating is not on the list, please complete our query form anyway.  We can still probably help you!  Buyer Agency is just beginning to sweep the country, so the availability of Buyers Agents is constantly changing.

Alabama; Huntsville, Birmingham, Montgomery, Mobile, Auburn, Arizona; Phoenix, Flagstaff, Tucson, Arkansas; Litle Rock, California; Sacramento, San Francisco, Oakland, Stockton, San Jose, Modesto, Bakersfield, Fresno, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Benardino, Long Beach, Santa Barbara, Anaheim, Fullerton, Santa Ana, Garden Grove, Irvine, Newport Beach, Colorado; Denver, Colorado Springs, Connecticut; Hartford, Florida, Miami, Jacksonville, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, St Petersburg, Tampa, Tallahassee, Georgia; Atlanta, Augusta, Savannah, Columbus, Macon, Illinois; Chicago, Rockford, Peoria, Moline, Springfield, Indiana; Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, South Bend, Iowa; Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Waterloo, Davenport, Kansas; Kansas City, Topeka, Wichita, Kentucky; Louisville, Lexington, Louisiana; New Orleans, Shreveport, Baton Rouge, Maine; Portland, Maryland; Baltimore, Massachusetts; Boston, Worcester, New Bedford, Michigan; Detroit, Grand Rapids, Minnesota; Minneapolis, St Paul, Duluth, Mississippi; Jackson, Missouri; St Louis, Kansas City, Nebraska; Omaha, Lincoln, Nevada; Las Vegas, Reno, New Jersey; Trenton, New Mexico; Albuquerque, Santa Fe, New York; Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Albany, Poughkeepsie, North Carolina; Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Durham, Raleigh, Charlotte, Ohio; Cleveland, Akron, Toledo, Youngstown, Columbus, Dayton, Cincinnati, Tulsa, Oregon; Portland, Pennsylvania; Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Allentown, Rhode Island; Providence, South Carolina; Columbia, Tennessee; Memphis, Nashville, Knoxville, Chattanooga, Texas; Dallas, Austin, Lubbock, Amarillo, Corpus Christi, San Antonio, Houston, Fort Worth, Utah; Salt Lake City, Ogden, Virginia; Arlington, Alexandria, Richmond, Roanoke, Newport News, Portsmouth, Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Hampton, Washington, Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma, Washington DC, DC, West Virginia; Charleston, Wisconsin; Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay.



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