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As an Exclusive Buyer Agent, our primary Mission is to help you FIND and purchase your dream Oklahoma City (OKC) home at a substantial savings.

That's what we're about and have been for the past 12 years right here in OKC.  And, that's what we've built our reputation on!

Well, what is an Exclusive Buyer Broker?


In summary, an Exclusive Buyer Broker works only for the Buyer, and never for the Seller.


This eliminates the built-in conflict of interest inherent in the normal home purchase transaction.


There are many positive benefits (a large number are associated with significant potential $$ savings to you in your purchase of an OKC home) as explained below.

Can You Trust Us?


We make many claims on this web site.


You can count on our being fully legally committed to perform, just as stated, because of the written agreement that we both sign, primarily for your protection.


However, we want our relationship to be both professional and personal.


We have been in business as an Exclusive Buyer Broker in OKC for 12 years, in that time, being fully committed and responsive in our relationship with our Buyer Clients.


This site contains testimonials from Buyer Clients for whom we have provided our services in helping them find and purchase an OKC Home that meets their desires.

Professional Services that we Provide to our Buyer Clients:


Perform an indepth discussion with you concerning your housing needs/desires.


Assist you in finding the the best home loan for you.


Search for all properties that meet your criteria.


Show you all properties that you desire to see.


When you find a property(s) in which you have interest, perform a Competitive Market Analysis to show how the subject property stacks up against others in the immediate area.


Provide an evaluation of the property, including  pros and cons.


Provide analysis and recommendation concerning the property.  This includes price recommendation and negotiating strategies.


Prepare, with your concurrence and participation, a purchase offer.


Negotiate on your behalf, based on your input and guidance.


After property is purchased, arrange for inspections.


Participate in inspections and provide you with recommendations concerning repairs.


Accompany you on final walk-through.  Advise you if there are any issues and our recommendation concerning their resolution.


Review closing statement and represent you at the closing.  Advise concerning any issues and their potential resolution.

How Do We Get Paid?



Important:  It does not cost you anything additional for our services.

A fee was contractually agreed upon when the property was listed, to be paid by the Seller, from the sale of the home.   Simply speaking, the Listing Broker and the Selling Broker share in the listing fee paid by the Seller at Closing.  The split is usually 59-50.

And, the law says that we can be remunerated in this manner and
still give you our complete and full (100%) representation - and we always do!   In fact, our written agreement with you legally requires this!

This is the standard method of compensation.  Thus, it doesn't cost you a penny additional for our services.  


We help our clients buy their dream Oklahoma City homes and Oklahoma City Real Estate throughout the entire Metropolitan Area from Edmond to Norman, El Reno to Choctaw & Harrah.


We're the #1 EXCLUSIVE  Buyers Broker in Oklahoma City.  In fact, we became an Exclusive Buyers Agent in Oklahoma City 12 years ago.


Exclusive Buyers 
Agent,Exclusive Buyers Broker Stop! Did you know: "If your Realtor is not an Exclusive Buyer's Broker, then he/she is likely to be representing the Seller's best interests and NOT yours?


But, does it actually make a difference?   U S Sprint performed an exhaustive study of home purchases of their relocating employees.  It found that those who worked with traditional brokers ended up paying, on average, over 5% more than those who used Exclusive Buyer Agents.  On a $150,000 Oklahoma City home, that's $7,500 of  YOUR  money.


The following three examples of actual, typical  Transaction SAVINGS on this page, achieved by our Buyer Clients in their purchases of Oklahoma City homes and Edmond homes are just a few of many that you'll find on this web page:  

Click Here to see more actual transaction savings.


Oklahoma City Real Estate and Oklahoma City homes


Our Buyer's Savings

$18,000 under the mortgage company's appraised value!  

What a deal for Mr. and Mrs. V. W.!   We helped them achieve this whopping purchase savings on their brand new Oklahoma City home (above) in River Bend Estates  MLS #16288


Oklahoma City Real Estate,Oklahoma City homes Our Buyer's Savings! 

$20,275 under the original list price! 


Mr. and Mrs. D. R. were ecstatic with the purchase savings on their Edmond home in the Lexington Addition.   MLS #81109


Edmond        Our Buyer's Savings! 

$10,000 under the Mortgage Company's appraised value!

We helped Mr. and Mrs. R. B. purchase this beautiful Edmond home in Bavarian Forest.  MLS #15466

Great Savings!


Click Here to see many additional occurrences of  Actual Savings achieved for our Clients in purchases of Oklahoma City real estate and Edmond real estate.


    This web page is Our Attempt to provide the Mission Statenent of

Buyer Agents Realty

 We're highly competent professionals, but we're also "old fashioned" in a sense, because we place a high value on honesty, integrity and loyalty to our Buyer Clients. 

       Exclusive Buyer Agents,Exclusive Buyer Brokers

We made a carefully considered decision to be an Exclusive Buyer's Agent, helping our Clients purchase Oklahoma City Homes, Norman and Edmond Real Estate.  

In our opinion, the Buyer has never been adequately represented.  So we chose to never take listings, never represent Sellers, never have a conflict of interest.

If it isn't totally obvious, we are impassioned and fully and completely believe in what we do!

              Please remember that we have access to every listing  

of Oklahoma City homes, Norman and Edmond real estate

in addition to all listings in the entire Oklahoma City metropolitan area.  

(Go to Geographic Areas Covered).

We believe that Buyers critically need  professional representation.  (The Seller has almost always been represented.)

Thats why we chose years ago to becomwe an Exclusive Buyer's Agent.  Exclusive Buyer Brokerage is our working philosophy, our work ethic.

We don't "sell" homes, instead, we provide highly professional representation in helping our Clients purchase their dream home .

We are specialists.  Would you ask your General Practitioner M.D. to perform brain surgery on you?

Is this for real?  Click here  to see what Highly Renowned Experts say about Exclusive Buyer Brokers.

A Fundamental Truth!

Just remember, when you call the broker whose name is on the sign or in a newspaper or a magazine ad, that they undoubtedly will be  working for the seller, to get the Seller the best possible deal.   This means dollars in everyone elses pocket and out of yours.

Why would you contact that Listing Broker's Office for information about a home, when you know that they are under contract with the Seller?  (Remember that we can provide you the same information.)

In this system, we know that the "deck is stacked" against the Buyer.  And, it can cost YOU many thousands of your hard-earned dollars, as well as a great deal of future grief.

Questions that you might consider:

"Why would a knowledgeable Buyer hire a real estate broker  to NOT represent them"

And, then in fact, "Hire a broker who likely represents THE BEST INTERESTS OF the Seller?

For Answers to some other very Important Questions,     Click Here!

We also specialize in:

Corporate Relocations to OKC area

Military Relocations to Tinker A



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