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How Do We Get Paid?

It does not cost you anything additional for our services.

We are typically paid from a split of the fee that was contractually agreed upon when the property was listed, to be paid by the Seller, from the sale of the home.  Under any and all circumstances, the Seller is going to pay the entire fee, when the sale is consummated.  By our participating in the normal split of that Seller paid fee, between the two brokers, it doesn't cost you anything additional for our services.  And, the law says that we can be remunerated in this manner and still give you our complete and full representation. 

This is clearly the best of two worlds. 

The other alternative is, you could buy a home without being represented and the Seller's Realtor would be paid BOTH portions of the fee to NOT work on your behalf...  But, you DO have a choice

In the arrangement described, it doesn't cost you a penny additional for our services.  


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