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We have provided OUR answers to nine important questions shown below.  So, for your sake, please ask all of these same questions to the other Realtors® you may be considering.   We simply cannot over-emphasize the fact that their answers to these questions are VERY IMPORTANT to you!  Then, please compare their answers to ours, which are given below, following each of the questions.

1.  How do you get paid?   

It need not cost you any additional money to use the services of an Exclusive Buyer Broker.  We offer several options.  The option usually chosen by our Clients is for us to be paid by the SELLER from the proceeds of the sale, through the normal split between listing and selling brokers.  The bottom line is, "You can hire an Exclusive Buyer Broker at no additional cost to you!"

 2. How can you save me money? 

There are a number of ways your Exclusive Buyer Broker will work to save you money on your next home purchase.  While not a complete list, the most common savings are:  1) negotiating hard and tough to get a lower purchase price for you,  2) negotiating for repairs on the house,  3)  negotiating a home warranty on the house, and  4) other elements associated with the transaction.

 3.  Do you, or the Company you are with, take listings?  

No, never!   We are a licensed Oklahoma Real Estate Broker and thus, could take listings if we chose, but, it is our choice to not do so.   Buyer Agents Realty NEVER takes listings and NEVER represents sellers.  Thus, we NEVER have a CONFLICT OF INTEREST.  We CHOOSE, instead, to provide 100% Home Buyer Representation - 100% of the time!

We deliberately forsook what is considered by most Realtors to be the most lucrative side of the real estate industry, in order to specialize and provide total focus on providing 100% Buyer Representation.

You should understand that Realtors® that take listings, because of their legal commitment to their sellers, are, by definition, likely to promote their own listings first and NEXT the listings of their company BEFORE showing other properties.   And, co-incidentally, both situations make them MORE money.

4.  If you don't take listings (sell homes), how can you help me? 

 We have access to ALL listed homes, that is, ALL of the homes which all the other Realtors® have listed, whether existing or new construction.  We can even work on your behalf on a For-Sale-By-Owner (FSBO).

Since we don't list homes for sale, you won't feel any pressure to "purchase a home from OUR inventory".  We have no homes to "Sell" you, therefore we have no bias whatever!  Instead, we concentrate our energies on helping you find the RIGHT home, the one you're looking for, the one that is best for you.

We will show you the ENTIRE market of homes that are available, which meet your criteria.

5.  Would you help us buy a property that is For Sale By Owner (FSBO)

Yes!   We do this all the time.   FSBO's like to work with us because we are not seeking a listing contract with them.

6.  Can’t I hire someone from a traditional real estate firm to represent me? 

You can.  But, as a Buyer, why would you even take the chance of getting yourself into a situation where you don’t have anyone who can fully represent your best interest?  The most important question you can ask about the home is,  "I know what the (asking) price of the home is, BUT what is the TRUE VALUE of the home" ?

A Realtor® who is working on behalf of and for the benefit of the Seller cannot legally advise you, the Buyer, about the True Value of the home or negotiate the price on your behalf !!!  

Isn't this information critically important to you?  YES!

You do have a choice!  Buyer Agents Realty specializes in working for Buyers only, never for Sellers.

7.  Do you use a written buyer brokerage agreement?  

Ask for a copy  This  provides great protection for YOU!  Please call and we will mail or e-mail one to you for your review.  This agreement, legally and exclusively, binds us to represent your interests alone, and never the Seller.   It also forms the legal relationship, required by State of Oklahoma law.

8.  Don’t you think I can look out for my own interest?

You may, very well, be able to do so.   However, if you don’t possess the necessary skills, knowledge of current Real Estate Laws (the “rules of the game”), knowledge of current market values, and knowledge about Real Estate Contracts, you may find yourself at a disadvantage attempting to negotiate on your own, with a trained, skilled and seasoned Realtor®, who is working against you, on behalf of the Seller.

One of the most important issues is, how would you know if the house was overpriced and where would you get that information?  Exclusive Buyer Brokers will always work on your behalf in negotiating for you and have access to the data to show you if the property is overpriced and what the True Value really is. 

If you were sued, would you use your opponents Lawyer to also represent you? Then, why would you use the Seller’s Real Estate Broker?   You do have a choice!

Would you enter into a "high stakes" card game without knowing the "rules of the game"?  Then, why would you enter into a Real Estate transaction (also high stakes) on your own without knowing the "rules of the game"?  You do have a choice!

9. Why should I hire you, rather than another broker?

Because we are Exclusive Buyer Brokers, we GUARANTEE in writing that we will only represent YOU!

Simply stated, WE ARE SPECIALISTS - professionals that are highly trained in representing buyers. We're very good at it! And, we TOTALLY believe in what we do.  There IS a difference!

If you had a critical heart problem, would you seek out the services of a heart specialist for diagnosis and treatment or just work with a general practitioner?

Or, for your home purchase, would you want someone who typically represents sellers, "assisting" you as a Buyer?

Think about it!

Our hallmark is 100% loyalty to our Buyer Clients!  See our Client's testimonials.    Click Here!



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